Board of Directors

Joe MacDonald

Chair, appointed to Board June 2013


Dr. Michael O’Brien

Vice Chair, Appointed October 2012


Judy MacInnis

Treasurer, Appointed October 2012


Cyndy Henderson

Secretary, Appointed March 2013


Mary Coyle

Director and Sister of St. Martha’s Representative, Appointed October 2014


Hugh Gillis

Director, Appointed October 2014


Wayne Ezekiel

Appointed June 2016


Shannon Stephenson

Director, Appointed January 2014


Sister Elizabeth Riopelle

Director and Sisters of St. Martha’s Representative, Appointed July 2013


Eric Atkinson

Director, Appointed January 2014


Marc Champoux

Appointed June 2016


Camilla Benoit

Appointed June 2016


Dr. Blair McDuff

Appointed June 2017


Jim Burke

Appointed May 2015


Sadie Benoit