How Will The Fund Be Spent?

St. Martha’s Regional Hospital will identify funding priorities for the hospital which are then brought to the Foundation for support.  All requests are first approved by the Hospital administration.  The Foundation Board of Directors meets monthly and reviews and approves, as appropriate, any funding requests received ensuring the request is closely aligned with its vision, inspiring generosity in support of education, research and equipment that sustain the delivery of health care at St. Martha’s.

Over the last 25 years, the Foundation has grown significantly. The Foundation has provided funding towards the purchase a number of essential pieces of equipment for the hospital including but not limited to a CT scanner, MRI, Ocular Ultrasound, Portable Ultrasound, Portable X-Ray, Blood Gas Analyser, Giraffe Omni Bed, Electric Hospital Beds, Patient Lifts, Multiple Pieces of Lab Equipment, Minimally Invasive O.R Suite, SLT Laser (Ophthalmology Equipment), Stress Testing Equipment, and NiBP Monitors.