Since 1990 St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Foundation and its donors have been able to enhance quality health care in our community Hospital.  Its number one priority: building better health care. The Foundation funds ground-breaking education, cutting-edge research, and updated medical equipment.  The Foundation ensures your donations are wisely used to support these initiatives.


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Mission: Committed to ensuring our hospital has the resources that support quality health and medical care.

Vision: Inspiring generosity in support of education, research and equipment that sustain the delivery of health care.


The Foundation has four main values in which it strives to achieve:

Leadership – caring and innovative volunteers dedicated to growing the Foundation

Accountability – committed to targeted growth and wise investments in efficiently and effectively utilizing each donor dollar.

Integrity – committed to the highest levels of honesty and trust within volunteers, donors and our health care community.

Teamwork – the board is committed to collective achievement of our vision and mission.


If you have any questions regarding the Foundation please contact us at 1-902-863-1131 or smrhfoundation@gmail.com.