The Foundation and St. Martha’s Regional Hospital appreciate the people in our area that have given so generously over the years.  This is truly a win-win situation in that the Foundation is able to make funds available for the hospital and the people that use the hospital get the best equipment possible to help treat them.  We hope you will continue to support St. Martha’s Regional Hospital through a donation to the Foundation. Your contribution is important to help us provide the best possible health care.


Knowing that an elite hospital such as St. Martha's is nearby is a comfort to all parents


Types of Donations:

Personal Gifts – Gifts that are made based on personal experience of care received, or care of a loved one.


Memorial Donations: a memorial donation is a wonderful way to pay tribute to a beloved relative, friend or colleague.  Memorial Cards are available at Curry Brothers Funeral Home, MacIssac’s Funeral Home and the Foundation Office.


Honorary Gifts – These gifts can be made as a birthday, wedding or anniversary gift for someone special. They can also be made as part of your special day such as weddings or anniversaries where donations are made in guest’s names in lieu of giving keepsakes.


Donations of Appreciation: Former patients, families and friends may wish to express their gratitude towards St. Martha’s Hospital through a gift to St. Martha’s Foundation.


Wills & Bequests: Once your family has been proved for, a person may wish to leave a donation to St. Martha’s Foundation through their will.  If a person makes a charitable request, the estate is entitled to a gift receipt for the full value of the bequest.  You are asked to consult a legal and financial advisor for a full discussion on this type of donation.


Designated Gifts– A gift made to a specific unit within the hospital or directed to be used to purchase specific equipment.


Annual Giving – A gift that is committed to that can be divided and paid annually.


Other Planned and Deferred Gifts: Other gifts arranged now but not available for use by St. Martha’s Foundation until some future time, are available and may be discussed by your tax and legal advisers.  These include gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts.  Planned Giving allows you, the donor, to provide a significant gift to St. Martha’s Foundation, which may not have been possible in your lifetime.


If interested in making a donation to the Foundation, you may do so by donating online, over the phone, through pre-authorized debits and/or visiting us in the Foundation office located on the main floor of the hospital.


For more information or assistance please contact the Foundation Office.