Frequently Asked Questions

What does St. Martha’s Hospital Foundation do?

St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Foundation was founded in 1990. Its mission is to ensure that the highest standard of health care is available to its patients by having the resources to support quality health and medical care. With the Sisters’ of St. Martha’s legacy in mind, the Foundation works with individuals, corporations and foundations to receive financial support, and raise awareness to the community.

How long has the foundation been in existence and how is it run?

The foundation was established in 1990, and recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. It is lead by a volunteer Board of Directors and an Executive Director. The Board of Directors along with the Executive Director work diligently to guarantee that St. Martha’s provides the best care to its patients and is well prepared for the future.

What has the Foundation accomplished over the last 25 years?

Over the last 25 years, the Foundation has grown significantly. The Foundation has provided funding towards the purchase a number of essential pieces of equipment for the hospital including but not limited to an IOL machine, retinal camera and visual field equipment for the Ophthalmology Department, CT scanner, MRI, Ocular Ultrasound, Portable Ultrasound, Portable X-Ray, Blood Gas Analyser, Giraffe Omni Bed, Electric Hospital Beds, Patient Lifts, Multiple Pieces of Lab Equipment, Minimally Invasive O.R Suite, SLT Laser (Ophthalmology Equipment), Stress Testing Equipment, and NiBP Monitors.

We have also funded educational courses and opportunities for staff and physicians, as well as research opportunities.

BL: Dr. Kapasi & Dr. J. Hamilton
FL: Dr. Gao & Dr. C. Hamilton

How does the Foundation select funding priorities?

St. Martha’s Regional Hospital will identify funding priorities for the hospital which are then brought to the Foundation for support. All requests are first approved by the Hospital administration. The Foundation board meets monthly and reviews any funding requests received in that time. The Foundation will ensure that the request is closely aligned with its vision, inspiring generosity in support of education, research and equipment that sustain the delivery of health care at St. Martha’s. The board will then vote on the request and make a decision based on a number of factors including funds and precedence.

How many doctors provide medical services through St. Martha’s Hospital?

In total, St. Martha’s Hospital has approximately 60+ doctors and specialists as well as close to 600 other staff members.

Does the Foundation have charitable status and will my donation be tax deductible?

St. Martha’s Regional Hospital foundation is a registered charity, and therefore tax receipts for income tax purposes will be issued to those who make a donation over $20.00.

Am I able to make a donation over multiple years?

Yes, absolutely! Donations that include a commitment over a maximum of five years are available and can be discussed with the Foundation.

Are there other ways for me to make a donation?

Yes, there are other ways to make a donation such as the donation of securities. Donating securities is both a unique and cost effective way to support St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Foundation. Securities can include stocks, mutual funds, bonds, segregated funds and flow through shares. When donating securities for charitable purposes, the capital gains tax that is applicable from selling appreciated securities is eliminated and a charitable tax receipt will also be issued. For more information, click here.