A Donation From the Heart

Nora Breen visited the Foundation office in February 2019, to make an incredibly thoughtful donation. To encourage the true meaning of Christmas, and the importance of giving, Nora’s parents created a fun twist on the traditional Advent calendar. Nora has an advent calendar with 24 tiny pockets. Instead of giving her the treats directly, Nora’s parents began a new tradition—they put a loonie in each pocket. As a family, they decorated a mason jar and called it her “Advent Giving Jar”. As they glued on the ribbon and jewels, her family talked about times when people might need help and where people might go for help. Her parents explained to her and her brother Duncan, the importance of being kind and caring to others. Nora’s parents then asked her where she would like to give her money once the jar was full, and without prompting, she said “the hospital”.

On behalf of Foundation, we want to extend a special thanks to Nora and her family for their generous donation.