The time is NOW! Endowment Campaign




We have all been touched in some way by the admirable care that is given at St. Martha’s.  Our Hospital is a vibrant and vital part of our lives and our community, your donation is a gift of wellness for today and for future generations.  For the first time since the building of the brick hospital 30 years ago, the Foundation is launching a $20 million campaign, entitled “St. Martha’s and you … the  time is NOW!”, to increase its permanent endowment in order to support vital and continued growth of the Hospital both today and for generations to come.

Over the past 100 years, there have been significant advancements in medical treatments and technology.  St. Martha’s must ensure that it will continue the legacy of a patient-focused facility with the best medical treatment possible, here, in our community which will allow us to stay close to home when in need.

Exemplary health care is a crucial component of any community. A strong, well-invested endowment fund will provide a dependable income from which to make purchases of leading-edge equipment, support the Hospital’s medical staff and react to any unexpected needs. Achieving our goal of $20 million will empower the possibility for dramatic growth, strength and success for St. Martha’s.

Our Hospital is the future of our community. It is critical that we all support our future by making sure that St. Martha’s has the financial resources necessary to remain on the leading edge of an ever-changing and demanding medical world.

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