How Will The Fund Be Spent?

St. Martha’s Regional Hospital will identify funding priorities for the hospital which are then brought to the Foundation for support.  All requests are first approved by the Hospital administration.  The Foundation Board of Directors meets monthly and reviews and approves, as appropriate, any funding requests received ensuring the request is closely aligned with its vision, inspiring generosity in support of education, research and equipment that sustain the delivery of health care at St. Martha’s.

Over the last 25 years, the Foundation has grown significantly. The Foundation has provided funding towards the purchase a number of essential pieces of equipment for the hospital including but not limited to a CT scanner, MRI, Ocular Ultrasound, Portable Ultrasound, Portable X-Ray, Blood Gas Analyser, Giraffe Omni Bed, Electric Hospital Beds, Patient Lifts, Multiple Pieces of Lab Equipment, Minimally Invasive O.R Suite, SLT Laser (Ophthalmology Equipment), Stress Testing Equipment, and NiBP Monitors.


Recent Purchases

The Foundation was pleased to be able to support our existing Ophthalmology Team with the purchase of a few new pieces of equipment to support innovative healthcare right here in our community. Spending over $330,000, the Foundation has agreed to purchase a new visual field machine and supporting software. We have also purchased a new retina camera—the only one of its kind in Nova Scotia. Through 98.9 XFM’s Hospital Help Day 2018, we purchased a new IOL Master to support cataract planning and detection, which will be arriving at St. Martha’s soon. The Foundation is pleased to have the opportunity to support the Ophthalmology Department at St. Martha’s.

In September 2018, the Sobey Foundation made a transformative $1 million gift in support of cardiorespiratory care at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital. The Sobey Foundation gift will improve the quality of acute and chronic care for heart and lung diseases. This gift will specifically support additional education, services and equipment needed to transform the way cardiorespiratory services are delivered in the region.

“We are making this gift as a catalyst to inspire additional gifts from the community, creating sustainable funding for health care at St. Martha’s,” said Frank Sobey, Chair of the Sobey Foundation. “The Sobey Foundation’s goal is to improve the lives of individuals through health, education and communities. By partnering with St. Martha’s, we knew we could make that lasting impact. This investment will ensure that the Foundation and the hospital have the capacity to continue to provide this essential support in the community where we live and work.”

Thanks to the generous support of the Bank of Nova Scotia, in February 2019, Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) hired a behavioral interventionist to support clients in the Antigonish and surrounding areas. Funding for the position came through a gift agreement between the St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Foundation and the Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS).

Based out of St. Martha’s Regional Hospital in Antigonish, the behavioral interventionist works along with the neurodevelopmental team to plan and provide home-based behavioral modification and intervention to school-aged children diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g. autism, Asperger’s, Tourette syndrome) and/or comorbid mental health disorders.

2018-19 Funding Commitments

Equipment Purchases:
Ophthalmology $339,400 Humphrey Visual Field and FORUM software
Retinal Digital Camera
IOL Master 700
Palliative Care $600,000 Creation of new 6-bed palliative care unit
Emergency Medicine $38,022 Specialized Treatment Chairs
Cardiorespiratory Services $250,000 Cardiac Echo Machine
Environmental Services $9,021 Scrubber
Children and Women’s Health Unit $2,350 Pediatric SIMS mannequin and breast pump
Nutrition and Dietary Services $9,354 Merchandiser/ Curtain cooler
Sub Total: $1,248,147