What is an Endowment?

happiness-987394_960_720Foundations with the foresight to think long-term build endowments to provide a dependable financial base to support growth.

A permanent investment of donation, the annual income will be used each year to support the priorities of the Hospital while the original donation or “principle” is maintained.

In order to secure our healthcare future, a long-term vision is vital, providing a financial resource for Hospital priorities both today and for the future.  It will allow the Foundation to purchase necessary equipment, respond to unexpected situations and to attract top physicians to the area.

The Foundation is committed to providing future generations with the highest health care possible and to responsible investment. The St. Martha’s and you … the time is NOW Endowment Fund Campaign will allow for the creation of a sustainable financial resource and, most importantly, ensuring continued access to exemplary care for our community both today and for the future.